Contracting Schemes

This is what a partnership between us could look like.

We offer several different partnership models designed to accommodate your specific needs and integrate our teams seamlessly into your existing operations.


Team expansion

Hand-picked designers join and work as part of your local team.

Broaden your in-house team by adding extra talent who bring an innovative approach and technical expertise. These designers attend your daily meetings and report directly to your managers.


Expert Autonomous Teams

We arrange a customized team for one-time projects, with a project manager reporting to you.

Incorporate a tailor-made team with the support of our project managers. These teams work autonomously while maintaining seamless communication, reporting to you as often as you require.


Full-cycle development

End-to-end industrial design solutions.

A custom service that offers turnkey industrial design solutions.  You will have your entire professional team at your disposal to develop a project from scratch.